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Using the information on this site helped me finally find a good paying job. Thanks so much!

Ray Gleeson
London, UK
After posting hundreds of resumes, I'm finally getting some call backs and interviews. Things are looking up!

Sophie Greyson
Hamilton ON.
Your "Mind Over Money" ebook really opened my eyes to how wealth is really made. I see the world so differently now.

Tom Cook
Ann Arbor, Michigan
I've been unemployed for a long time. Thanks for the great motivation and inspiration to keep looking.

Howard Syforth
Parump Nevada
I've had three calls this week about my resume. Interviews are lined up and one job looks real promising!

Lawrence Schnieder
Minneapolis Minnisota
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SRAudit Manager/PARTNER - Public Accounting

Details: RESPONSIBILITIES: Our client, a leading regional CPA firm with offices in New York, NY seeks a SR Audit Manager/Partner for their beautiful, ...
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